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Wild Food Plants of Australia

First published as a hardback, this has become the standard field guide to wild foods in Australia, going through many printings and remaining continuously available since first publication in 1988.

It prioritises the edible plants of the region extending from southern Queensland to Adelaide, while also featuring the more important foods from throughout the country.

For each plant it provides a colour photo, description and distribution map. Introductory chapters explain why some plant parts are edible but most are not.

This book helped popularise bushfoods in Australia.

Publishing details can be found here.

An industry review can be found here.

Tim has used his knowledge of wild foods to serve as a consultant to indigenous communities. To enquire about this service contact here.

“Your Wild Food Plants of Australia came in very handy when I was stuck on islands in Bass Strait for longer than expected – the book guided us to our only source of fresh food!” – Nicole schumann

The twining fringed lily (Thysanotus patersonii) is one of many lilies in Australia with small edible tubers.

“Tim’s field guide is remarkable for its clear photographs and identifying notes as well at its intriguing asides and tasting notes.’ – Stephanie Alexander, in Stephanie’s Australia: Travelling and Tasting 

“the best fieldguide I know to actually finding and eating uncultivated species” – Canberra Times

“A must for all of us who camp, forage and farm our unique Australian bushland.” – Australian Wellbeing 

“his enthusiasm shines though every sentence, although tempered by a refreshingly sceptical and empirical approach to questions of palatability and food value… highly recommended” – Australian Natural History magazine